Dog Crates – Different Types Available

Dog crate is a fenced box type chamber in which dogs are bounded for transportation to numerous areas or dogs are enclosed for security reasons. Dog crates are built from different kinds of materials that are very hard and tough so that dog can’t escape. These crates are normally made from plastic, wire, metals or some hard fabric. Doggie crates comprise of a door through which dog be removed or entered from.

Types of Dog Crate

There are numerous types of crates reliant upon the material from which crate is manufactured or shape of the crate. Some major types of doggie crates are mentioned below:

    Plastic Dog Crates
Plastic crates are of two main types, hard plastic crates and soft plastic crates. These crates are much appropriate for dog transportation from one place to another and are utilized more frequently. These crates are also very reasonably-priced while compared with other types of crate.

    Aluminium Crates
Aluminium crates are of two types; folded and fixed. They have numerous benefits over other dog crates like; they are light in weight, very tough and strong, will not experience rusting, the flow of air is breathtaking and the dog you trapped can see more easily and clearly. They occupy more space and are costly.

    Soft Crates
These are utilized less frequently. Soft crates are specifically made from fabrics. They are utilized for dog’s transportation that doesn’t chew. They are very reasonably-priced; air can pass through the dog crate very easily, can be folded with no trouble, light in weight and dogs can also be watched easily.

    Dog Tents
Dog tents are considered as a substitute t soft crates. They are similar to dog bags. Dogs are enclosed inside it while the head of the dog remains outside. Dog tents are very attractive, reasonably-priced, light weight and soft. These are also known as pet crates just because these are also used for many pets.