How To Maintain Wooden Dog Houses For Your Pets

If you want to build a kennel for your dearly loved four legged furry companion, wooden dog houses would be the perfect choice. Not only will it look stunning alongside your backyard flowers and plants, it will also be a strapping wood of choice for something that will be exposed to varying temperatures throughout the year. Lots of individuals would believe that metal kennels are more robust, and although that is true, these metal kennels do not provide as much elegance and comfort as those made of wood.

wooden dog houses

Once you have made a decision that you would rather construct a kennel for your beloved dog that is made of wood, it’s now right time for you to choose the location of the pet house. The perfect spot where you should put your dog should be some meters away from your main house, if possible, in the backyard. Lots of people prefer to put their dog’s home at the back of the home and whilst this might be convenient for others, it might not be suitable for your dog. Putting your dog far from you is not suggested as dogs are friendly creatures and would much relatively prefer to be somewhere where they can easily find you.

Isolating dogs and most specifically, caging them inside kennels or making them to stay there for a longer time span will enhance the chance of them growing aggressive and might not be as sociable as other dogs are. It is always advisable that they get to interact with you or with other kids in order to developing their nurturing nature and keep them friendly.

The design of the canine house should also be perfectly planned. Foresee the change of temperature and the weather circumstances that the wooden dog houses will be subjected to.  Make certain that your dog will stay cool and insulated throughout the summer season to keep them from getting dehydrated which can be worst for their health. A perfect design would be to put them such that they are somewhat lifted from the ground. You can do this by creating small wooden blocks or stones around the kennel’s ground. This elevation would help keep your pet from getting wet while it is raining and keep them insulated all through the warm days specifically on the hot summer months.

Throughout winter season, it is very significant that you adopt preventive measures to keep your dog warm during the frosty months. Installing a flat that is warm and thick will keep your dog from being exposed to very low temperature outside. If the situations become too worst, it might be best to keep your pet inside the house even just for the frosty months. Maintaining your doggie’s kennel is also very significant all year long. Always keep the house sanitized and clean. If fail to do so, you will risk having a dog with really bad smell or finding that your dog would relatively stay in the yard than in the wooden dog house.