Types of perfect bridle fitting

A bridle is basically a harness that  is attached to the horse’s face for the purpose of controlling its face and mouth. There are different types of bridles and no matter what type you choose for your horse, it is necessary that the bridle fitting is kept accurate.


The Weymouth harness is a very popular type of  bridle ware having two bits and four reins. It has a primary piece that goes over the mouth while two secondary pieces which go around the face in order to keep it under control. The Weymouth is reasonable for riding for a shorter distance. One thing that you need to be very careful about is that your horse must be wearing the harness in a proper manner. In case the bridle is not properly fitted, it could seriously hurt the horse.


The English snaffle harness is the easiest harness. It comprises the slightest bits at sides and only one rein at the front. This harness is seen in numerous English movies so it means it is a very common technique there. This snaffle harness consistently has a proper noseband which covers half of the horse’s mouth. This type of harness is very easy to make and assemble. It doesn’t take a lot of time as it can be worn by any horse very easily. There are numerous varieties of this type of bridle but the most well known os the one which incorporates the entire mouth and nose of the horse in order to keep it under control.


The Pelham harness is mainly utilized by the English riders and is considered to be one of the oldest one. It is a harness with the slightest pieces at the  front and two arrangements of reins on the sides. The bridle has a cross which helps in joining both sides of the bases so that it controls the mouth properly and the horse can’t move his face too much. Since it is easier to assemble than the Weymouth one so it is more popular and commonly used by the English riders. Another reason for this type being more popular is that it is less extreme than the previous one. That is why it doesn’t take a lot of struggle to make the horse wear it and have a perfect bridle fitting. This type of harness is really common among polo players